Spare paddle bag

Fits the deck layout of your kayak
Fits the deck layout of your kayak

Keep your kayak deck free from scratches

Order a tailor made deck bag

Keep your spare paddle safely secured and stored on the deck of your sea kayak by using this tailor made deck paddle bag.

The paddle bag will be tailor made to fit your unique combination of paddle size and deck layout.

  • Avoid scratching the deck of your kayak
  • Make sure the paddle stays on your kayak
  • Get easy access to your storage space when taking a lunch break
  • Make loading and unloading of your camping gear smooth and easy
  • The paddle bag can be used as extra storage for tent poles for your tarp

A piece of advice…In rough weather conditions and depending on your rolling and paddling skills it could be wise to store your spare paddle in front of you for easy access in case of an emergency situation. However during my 15 years of kayaking all paddles accidents happened either on land or when practicing eskimo rolls! But you never know…!